Concrete vs. Asphalt Parking Lots

A well lit concrete parking lot with orange floor markers.

For both commercial and residential driveways and parking lots, there are a lot of things to be considered. One of those important decisions is choosing between concrete and asphalt for the surface. Each will have its pros and cons, but you discover that a concrete parking lot is the right choice for your home or business.

When pitted against each other, despite the many differences, concrete and asphalt do in fact share some qualities. The two materials will both result in durable, attractive parking lots. However, even those characteristics will slightly differ between materials, and that should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

First, concrete provides incredible durability, and can last decades longer than asphalt. A concrete parking lot may hold up for 20-40 years, as opposed to an asphalt parking lot averaging 15-30 years. When the job is done right, a concrete parking lot will better withstand the heavy traffic that the lot will receive. 

Next, the look of the parking lot plays a role in which material to choose. Whereas asphalt is almost always a sleek black surface, concrete surfaces allow for more variety. Different color and texture designs are available, and the material can be customized to match or even complement the existing structures. 

Asphalt lots do deserve some credit, as they can be easier to maintain and repair. However, those repairs will often come more frequently because asphalt’s softer consistency will lead it to deteriorate faster. Concrete parking lots therefore require less maintenance, typically only needed when joints need sealing or when a crack forms.

If time is a factor, you need to consider how much downtime is allowable. Concrete parking lots will take longer to install, and once the concrete has been poured, it will still need about a week to cure before allowing vehicles on its surface. Asphalt needs only a couple days for installation.

Last, and probably one of the most major factors looked at, is the difference in cost between the two materials. This category also favors asphalt parking lots, which averages around $2.24 per square foot. As for concrete, you may look at a price around $4.36 per square foot. Those costs can change drastically, and that depends on location, complexity, and even the size of the parking lot or driveway. However, if you factor in decades of maintenance, repairs, and sealing, concrete will win in the long run.

Concrete parking lots provide the durability and look needed to help finish your next construction job. DC Byers will help ensure that your concrete parking lot will last by identifying and solving any problems. Once we locate the issue, we can grind out the failing concrete and replace it with concrete that matches the existing slab.

To get a quote on any of your concrete repair needs, call DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids today at (616) 538-7300. Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the damage correctly and plan how to perform the repairs to allow you to use your space properly.

For concrete restoration and repair, DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids looks at all the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete. By understanding the underlying problems, we can start working on the most satisfying and cost-effective solutions.

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