What Role Does Concrete and Masonry Repair Have in Historic Preservation

What role does concrete and masonry repair have in historic preservation? Find out in this DC Byers blog.

Restoration work on historic buildings is, in a sense, doing the lord’s work. Taking a dilapidated structure and bringing it back to its former glory while preserving its historical significance is an excellent act of public service and wonders for the environment. Masonry structures were built with sturdy materials like mortar, lime, and sand, and […]

The Environmental Benefits of Restoring Concrete and Masonry

There are environmental benefits of restoring concrete and masonry.

Climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. It is imperative for us to be careful about how we use the planet’s limited resources, and until corporations can get their act together, the onus to care for the environment largely falls upon us. Most of us love the look and feel of […]

What Are the Latest Advances in Concrete Restoration Technology?

Modern concrete restoration technology includes advanced in polymer mortar and sealnts. A construction site refurbishing concrete and masonry archways.

Content Summary This can be used as a building material on its own or can repair damaged concrete structures. Recently, nano-coating has also become quite popular. If you aren’t sure what kind of sealant or coating you should get or how you should start with a concrete repair job, DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids can help. […]

The Most Effective Methods for Removing Concrete Stains

Pressure washing is one of the most effective method for removing concrete stains.

Content Summary The only case in which you should avoid doing this is if you’re dealing with mold or mildew. Without a professional’s help, you may get stains further entrenched in the concrete. What Stains Concrete & How Can You Remove It? Stain removal is one of the most cumbersome tasks we have to undertake […]

How to Extend the Lifespan of Concrete Surfaces

Learning how to extend the lifespan of concrete surfaces will keep them in better shape longer. Concrete poured and flattened to slab level.

Content Summary Here are the best ways to extend the life of masonry and concrete surfaces. Even if you see some signs of wear and tear on concrete surfaces in your property, it’s not too late to make adjustments. Repairing cracks, filling them in with fresh concrete, and then applying a sealant to the surface […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Restoration Contractor

A concrete restoration contractor masoning the floor for the perfect surface grade.

Content Summary Choosing a professional for any kind of service is a daunting task. Find a good service provider and pay the extra money for peace of mind that you are getting good quality work and legal protection. Before you get started with the project, have the contractor visit your property and give you an […]

The Benefits of Regular Concrete and Masonry Maintenance

A man applying cement to concrete bricks

Content Summary Regular maintenance is key if you want to enjoy the real benefits of a concrete structure. Keeping your building in good condition is the first step to keeping it safe and healthy for yourself and your family. If you plan to sell, ensure you keep things in tip-top shape. Keeping your building in […]

The Importance of Using High-Quality Materials for Concrete and Masonry Restoration

A man carefully applied the concrete mixture to the wall.

Content Summary To get a good match and smooth performance, you need to select quality materials that will deliver. Materials that are built with the right specifications will last longer than cheaper alternatives. In the long run, more expensive products will save you money and time. For instance, a good quality adhesive will bind wallpaper […]

Water Repellent Installation and Why It’s Important

Water repellent installation being conducted on a commercial rooftop.

Lack of waterproofing is one of the major causes of water damage to buildings. Waterproofing and keeping the interiors from roof to basement dry is extremely important. Without proper water repellent installation, water penetration poses risks of insect infestations, mold growth, and building failures. So, it is best to get your building waterproofed while it’s […]