Concrete Restoration

For concrete restoration and repair, D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids looks at all the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete. By understanding the underlying problems, we can start working on the most satisfying and cost-effective solutions.

Restoration of structural concrete can also include gunite/shotcrete — durable cement products that use minimal water pneumatically placed rather than poured.


Concrete Restoration includes the repair or replacement of spalled, cracked, deteriorated or otherwise damaged concrete.

Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the damage correctly and plan how to perform the necessary repairs to allow you to use your space properly. We excel in completing these repairs while your business is in operation, allowing you to continue business while repairs are taking place.

  • Concrete Slab Repair
  • Column and Beam Repair
  • Ceiling Delamination Repair
  • Gunite/Shotcrete Installation
  • Trip Hazard Repair
  • Water Repellant Installation

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