Concrete Restoration

For concrete restoration and repair, D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids looks at all the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete. By understanding the underlying problems, we can start working on the most satisfying and cost-effective solutions.

Restoration of structural concrete can also include gunite/shotcrete — durable cement products that use minimal water pneumatically placed rather than poured.


Concrete Restoration includes the repair or replacement of spalled, cracked, deteriorated or otherwise damaged concrete.

Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the damage correctly and plan how to perform the necessary repairs to allow you to use your space properly. We excel in completing these repairs while your business is in operation, allowing you to continue business while repairs are taking place.

Concrete balding, chipping, or damage caused by steel corrosion due to standing water are all reasons for slab repair. DC Byers finds corrosion most often in parking ramps, sidewalks, garage floors. Once we locate the issue, we grind out the failing concrete and replace it with concrete that matches the existing slab.

If we find deterioration or missing reinforcing steel, we’ll add steel and properly strengthen your concrete slab.

When beams and columns fail, falling concrete is always a potential risk. We will remove damage, install reinforcing steel, and prime existing steel so it doesn’t rust.

Ceiling repair works in much of the same manner as slab repair. When the underside of a slab chips, it may cause a crack topside. First, we’ll chip out all the bad concrete, fix the steel and prime it, and install new concrete to match the existing slab.

To repair the mortar, we’ll either trowel patch material that’s thicker than concrete, spread it and smooth it into the layers if the affected area is small and scattered.

Should the cracking be on larger areas, we will lay a form board on the underside and drill hole(s) topside. By pouring concrete into the hole(s), we can fill the form and wait for the concrete to settle and form before removing the board below.

Gunite and Shotcrete are interchangeable terms for compressed powder cement material mixed with water, sprayed onto larger surface areas.

Once DC Byers removes failing concrete and repairs the steel, we’ll spray the Shotcrete solution onto your walls (similar to that of a power washer), and then trowel, shape, and finish. Gunite/Shotcrete is perfect for Michigan basement and below-grade stone walls.

Water seeping into cracks in the existing concrete create freeze and thaw points in sidewalk joints. This water expansion and contraction eventually leads to heaving – when one slab or section of a sidewalk breaks away and lifts above the original grade level.

To fix the issue, DC Byers grinds away the raised sections to make sure the sidewalk once again smoothly transitions from piece to piece.

After concrete restoration, it’s vital to use a sealer–a clear, penetrating, water repellant–to penetrate the concrete to prevent water from seeping through. Repairing mortar damage, replacing deteriorating areas, and adding a sealer is a triple protection from future damage. This spray-on material won’t change the appearance of your existing slabs, and it doesn’t stain adjacent surfaces or building components.

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