Specialty Services

Specialty Service

Crack Injection

D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is an expert at stopping leaks and water flows through cracks and joints in concrete structures like elevator pits, tunnels, concrete storage tanks, and below-grade foundation walls.

Crack injection is a process that allows us to inject a water-activated expanding urethane resin into the cracks and joints at high pressure, we can effectively “seal” the leak from the inside.

Crack injection is a specialty service of DC Byers. A concrete crack at the corner of a wall foundation.

Specialty Service

Traffic Topping

Exterior structural slabs are particularly susceptible to erosion and deterioration from wear and weather. D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is an industry leader in the preparation and application of traffic topping materials to the walking and/or driving surfaces of parking structures and walking plazas.

In cases where there is occupied space, such as below a parking deck or pedestrian plaza, D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is qualified to recommend and install many different types of waterproofing membranes to protect the spaces below.

These membranes include sheet membranes, cold fluid-applied membranes, hot applied monolithic membranes and increasingly popular “Green Roof” installations.

Specialty Service

Post-Tension Concrete Repair

D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is widely known for its expertise in the repair of post-tensioned, reinforced concrete construction. This relatively new technique is primarily used, but not limited to, the initial construction or subsequent reconditioning of parking structures. The process is complex and demands extensive quality control measures.

Specialty Service

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Strengthening

There are instances during renovation projects where existing concrete and/or masonry structures are not structurally sufficient for the new design.

D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is experienced in installing Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) fabric to the existing concrete or masonry structure and “strengthening” the existing surface. FRP strengthening is advantageous during renovation projects where the design of the area is changed or in instances where previous damage has occurred.

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