Commercial Waterproofing

D.C. Byers Company is experienced in the design and installation of commercial waterproofing systems for new and existing structures.

Exterior structural slabs are particularly susceptible to weather erosion and deterioration. DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids is an industry leader in the preparation and application of waterproofing materials and membranes.


A variety of methods are used to protect and seal foundations, exterior walls, plazas, and decks in an effort to stop water from invading the structure.

Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the construction correctly. We can reduce natural and man-made stresses that affect the structure by providing a proofing application necessary to eliminate current and future problems.

DC Byers can install a rolled rubber membrane below grade (ground level). This application works best for waterproofing concrete foundations, however sheet application can work for all foundation types.

Otherwise known as damp-proofing, this application works best for protecting foundations below grade. This spray-on process is more economical than sheet-applied waterproofing and can be installed above and below grade because of its UV resistance. Example projects include basements or damp-proofing stairwell walls.

We can only stick a rolled bentonite clay membrane (unlike the rubber membrane of sheet-applied waterproofing) on concrete foundation walls. This process does not work for masonry or stone.

Unlike our other commercial waterproofing applications, blindside waterproofing protects your concrete foundation before pouring concrete. This application protects the slab from water seeping up through the foundation. Perfect for elevator pits or locations where groundwater may be an issue.

Used over the top of below-grade occupied spaces, hot-applied waterproofing starts as a rubber that we melt down into a liquid state and roll onto horizontal concrete surfaces. We will often coat the top layers of parking ramps and plazas with this hot rubber and let it dry.

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