Chimney Masonry Repair

Chimney repair masonry aids is muc more than aesthetics. A properly functioning chimney drastically improves indoor air quality.

One building aesthetic that can truly stack up against beautiful masonry features is the chimney. The chimney is an essential part of a fireplace because it works by removing byproduct gasses like carbon monoxide. A properly working chimney not only helps keep your space warmer, but helps keep you safer.

So when the masonry on your chimney wears down, decay, or fall apart, it is important to make your chimney repair a priority. Signs that you may need to repair the masonry on your chimney include cracks, chimney liner issues, chimney crown failures, water issues, or even a faulty chimney design. 

A crack in the chimney might affect the chimney’s venting capability. When smoke or other combustion materials build up in the cracks, they can cause fire hazards. A common place for cracks to appear are on the chimney crown, or the very top of the chimney. Besides cracks, the crown might also cause issues when it becomes lopsided or falls apart. 

Water damage can be extremely hard to notice, but cracks in the chimney may suggest that water damage is possible. As water mixes with the creosote buildup in the chimney, it becomes acidic and can cause premature rusting. This may then lead to the bricks and mortar deteriorating.

As soon as any damage is identified on your chimney or the chimney’s masonry, attempt to have it repaired. Masonry experts can detect these cracks early on, and cracks can be fixed before they can lead to significant problems. The crown of the chimney can even be repaired with a waterproof sealant. 

Crumbling stone and mortar needs special attention. Professionals will remove the crumbling stone and replace them as needed. Some instances may show that the stones are in good shape, but the mortar crumbled. This requires the professional to instead clear away the debris and restore the mortar joints. 

Masonry projects cannot stand on their own, but need the support of other features. Chimney repair and masonry require that the flashing around the chimney has a clean application of caulk, creating a watertight seal to properly divert water away. 

Last, a leaning chimney has the potential to cause several issues besides crumbling. A poorly constructed chimney might lean, and that lean can disturb the ventilation process as well. Professionals can assess a leaning chimney and determine if it is at risk of separating from the wall. In those instances, extensive repairs and rebuilding may be required. 

DC Byers will help locate broken bricks or blocks, and we will remove the failing material and replace it with bricks or blocks that match the existing surfaces. Our services also include the rehabilitation of more complex or ornate architectural details such as terracotta, scagliola, and tile.

To get a quote on any of your masonry repair needs, call DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids today at (616) 538-7300. Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the damage correctly and plan how to perform the repairs to allow you to use your space properly.

For masonry restoration and repair, DC Byers Company/Grand Rapids looks at all the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete. By understanding the underlying problems, we can start working on the most satisfying and cost-effective solutions.

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